Monthly Clubs

It’s time to sign up for FALL CLUBS! 😀

What is a MONTHLY CLUB at Scrap Therapy?

1. Clubs are an eight month commitment… starting either September or October depending on the dates… and running to May/June (depending on dates). When you join a specific Club you belong to that group and come to that club date each month. So if you belong to the first Saturday of the month Club… you would come the first Saturday of October, November, Dec… etc till May.

2. All Clubs will have eight ladies in them and run for eight months.

3. Each month you commit to spending: $35
**$15 goes to club teacher for their time and class supplies, and $20 minimum is spent in whatever you like from the Scrap Therapy store! (Note this is a slight increase from last year.) It’s a great way to learn new techniques, get stuff done and belong to a fun community of crafters!

4. If you are sick or for any reason miss the club you MUST still spend your committed $35 within a couple days preferably. If you miss your club, make up classes are not available. Kimi will keep any of the class supplies used for you when you come spend your monthly commitment.

5. I will give you a supply list of what to bring that month. EVERY MONTH you must bring your BASIC SUPPLY KIT. (see below for a list of the Basic supply kit. Art Journal clubs will have a different Basic supply kit they will need- it will be emailed after signing up) You can purchase the supplies from the Scrap Therapy store at your Club time and use it towards your monthly purchase if you like but it’s up to you– you can bring stuff from your stash and use stuff up!

6. When I send you a supply list I will also send you a picture of the sample for you to see. You don’t have to do the same theme or papers as me, you pick whatever theme you want to work on and bring your supplies to match. You will do the same layout sketch or mini book or whatever I’m teaching but by using your own pictures and paper it’s pretty awesome to see all the different projects at the end of the class! I will provide new products for everyone to use as well… so if we are trying out alcohol inks, I don’t expect you to buy them… you will use mine during the class and see if you like them! That’s part of the $15 teacher/supply fee. :))

7. Hostess- once during the EIGHT months YOU will be the hostess. On your hostess month, You can invite a GUEST to join us for free (they need to bring their supplies as well)! And you get the HOSTESS BENEFITS that month!! whoot whoot!

The Monthly Hostess will receive 10% of sales from their club!!

:)) I will add up all the sales for that club month (the $15 class fee is not included in this total)… then depending on how much the sales are – gives you the amount of free product you will receive. :)) So eight ladies x $20 minimum purchase each = $160… that means the hostess gets to pick $16 in FREE Scrap Therapy product! It’s usually between $20-30 in free stuff, depending on the sales that night.




I run many different clubs per month including a Multi Club, Layout Club, Art Journal Club and Canvas Club. See more information below. 😀

Saturday — 9:00am to 11:30am
***This club is a mixture of projects including 3 cards, 3 projects and 2 layouts mixed up over the eight months.

6:30pm to 9:00pm
****This club will be all about ART Journaling. You will need to bring your own art journal, Paintbrushes (in 1/2″, 3/4″, 1″ etc), gesso, paste and other items I’ll send a list for each month. Each month we will explore new techniques (stamp, paints, stenciling, etc) with art journaling. We won’t use pictures but focus on quotes/themes/techniques and trying fun new products. (if your not sure what Art Journaling is, google it under images and you’ll get a rough idea of what we’ll be doing each month)

6:30pm to 9:00pm
****This club will be all LAYOUTS. Some months will be double 12″ x 12″ layouts and some months will be single 12″x12″ layouts. Each month you will need to bring your photos and all supplies. It’s cool doing it this way, because then you follow my sample, learn new techniques, but use your color choices and finish a layout that suits your style! While being stretched in new ideas and getting some of those photos scrapbooked!

6:30pm to 9:00pm
****This club will be all about CANVAS’s!! We will make a 10″ x 10″ canvas each month. There will be an initial start up cost– purchasing paints in the colors you want to use, embossing paste, spatula, brushes etc. Then for this Club it will run a bit differently. Each month we will create a coordinating canvas that can be displayed all 8 together on a wall or hung separately or given as gifts. *so if we choose to use five basic colors– those colors will be used in various ways, shades, tones in each of the eight canvases so they are different, yet coordinate with each other. *Each month it will cost $30 as the class fee. $10 will go towards product costs-the canvas, tags, papers, or extra supplies I use. $10 will go to the teacher. $10 will go into a pot- so 8 ladies x $10 = $80. The hostess that month will get the $80 to spend in the store. There is no store purchase commitment on top of the $30 class fee. *you will be asked to bring occasional supplies



We will use the Tim Holtz large folio and add pages, flips and pockets to our Memory book each month.  We will work on it monthly and finish it in 8 months.  This is a very elaborate Memory book that is great for a special occasion like a wedding, baby, travel, grad etc.  You will choose your own papers and use the TH folio as well. 🙂

More details/cost to come soon. 🙂


Please let me know if you would like to sign up for any CLUBS! :))



-paper cutter

-adhesive/tape runner/sookwang

-foam squares

-glue pen

-ruler & pencil

-brown and/or black ink are good to bring along if you like distressing



So now that you know what CLUBS are and how they run… it’s time to sign up!


Here’s who is signed up so far and what spaces I have left open for FALL 2017-2018:



1st Saturday of the Month: (It will start October) **FULL

1. Melody Link                   5. Angela Hendriksen

2. Connie Hunt                  6. Christine Henry

3. Brenda Anderson          7. Cindy Ranson

4. Carolyn Shannon          8. Nancy Reid

Waitlist:  Cindy Ghostkeeper



1st Tuesday of the Month: (It will start October) **FULL

1. Sam Smith                      5. Karen Warner

2. Shelley Killburn             6. Shay Vhal

3. Sarah Brown                  7. Mariann Henderson

4. Tess Healy                     8.  Stacy Ruth



3rd Monday of the Month:  (It will start in September)  **ONE SPOT OPEN**

1. Kim Campbell                       5. Lorraine McArthur

2. Sandra Campbell                 6. Jen Krawczyk

3. Diane McRobert                  7. Brandi Mikaelsson

4. Angela Henriksen               8.




4th Thursday of the Month:   **1 SPOT OPEN**

1. Judy Vasily                           5. Dawn Doyle

2. Crystal Beach                       6. Kelli Squires

3. Erica Schlueter                    7.  Catherine Ablett

4. Yvonne Yaschuck               8.




2nd Monday of the Month:   **4 SPOTS OPEN**

1. Heather Wilson                         5.

2. Krystal Sekulic                          6.

3. Mandy McLeod                         7.

4. Karen Rogers                             8.



2nd Thursday of the Month:  **3 SPOTS OPEN**

1. Lynn Loehndorf                       5. Julie Umperville

2. Judy Pigeau                              6.

3. Louise Caron                            7.

4. Tess Healy                                 8.




4th Wednesday of the Month:  **7 SPOTS OPEN**

1. Dawn Isaac                           5.

2.                                                6.

3.                                                7.

4.                                                8.




Date not set yet….  of the Month:   **5 SPOTS OPEN**

1. Judy Vasily                                5.

2. Sandra Campbell                     6.

3. Kim Campbell                           7.

4.                                                      8.



**If there is no room in a club that is a THEME of interest to you please contact Kimi and let her know. If there are enough people she can add another Club night. But only if there is interest. There must be a minimum of 6 to run the club. 🙂

Here are some sample photos from previous CLUBS



Feb club Feb club 4 jpeg Feb club 2




Jan 2016 art journal club April Art journal

journal page p September




IMG_0015 IMG_4750

May layout club November layout 2015




canvas club all 8