The kids were asking me if I would put on a “Winter Art Camp” because they don’t want to wait a whole year to come again! :)) So sweet!

We made 15 art projects over the week!!! Okay some were experiments and didn’t quite turn out…. like the food coloring in sprite that we placed on paper…. then dropped Mentos inside to watch the pop overflow onto the bottle and then paper! yeah it was cool!! and it really went better in my head when I thought up this idea for an art technique…. and it didn’t turn out like I imagined! 😀 lol but the boys loved drinking the pop! :))

We also did Metal Art, Nail polish art, shaving cream art, Rigid Wrap, drawing, water colors, and another new idea…. lipstick art! LOL I found lipsticks at the dollar store…. so we drew flowers then colored and blended the colors with lipsticks! It turned out pretty cool actually. :))

Take a look through the great photos of the kids. :)) And I gotta say…. WHAT A GREAT GROUP OF KIDS!! They were such a pleasure to hang out with and create with for the week! Thanks kids for a WONDERFUL WEEK! 😀

And thanks to my super amazing daughter Trinitee!! She did a super duper job helping me and I couldn’t have done it without her. :)))

If you are interested in signing your child up for the second KIDS ART CAMP from

August 15-19
9am to 2pm daily

Check our website for more details!  go to Kids ART Camp Page for more details :))

There’s only THREE SPOTS LEFT!!

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I’m married to my best friend Dwayne, and have three awesome kids. I’ve always been creative, doing floral arranging, sewing, tole painting and crafts since I was a teen and then about 20 years ago I got hooked onto scrap-booking/mixed media/art and have been in love ever since.

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